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Master Trainer and NeuroPlastic Movement (NPM) Specialist - Paula Lord, is the proud owner/operator of BODY by GymRoots which opened in January of 2013. She holds the title MASTER of SPORT for Rhythmic Gymnastics, has danced professionally, and owns a degree in physics. Her Pilates education began in the 1980's with Ray Kurshalls of the Pilates Institute and continues to this day. Her main goal is to educate anyone who will listen about the benefits of maintaining a healthy functioning body in the pursuit of a happy, active life without pain.
About BODY by GymRoots
Home of Perfect 10 Posture

Just as each client comes with a unique set of physical and mental attributes, so does each of our instructors come with a unique set of skills. Our goal is to meet clients on their own journey and assist them with moving forward from that point. We also speak from a place of understanding, as we all strive to "walk the walk" and apply our principles to our own experience.
Chronic Pain / Rehabilitation
Reset and stimulate your body's nervous system after surgery or illness with private sessions that focus on your specific needs. Let your brain be the leader in your path back to health.

Young Athletes
Baseline Fitness
Whether you want to support your child's athletic pursuits or simply increase his/her overall health & wellness, our youth classes are where it is at!
​Integrate and maintain strong functional movement patterns to support you through all the stresses of life. Our baseline group classes teach joint mobility, spinal stability and true core strength... All in a fun social setting.
Group Fitness Training
In our Fusion Fitness classes you can turn the intensity up or down based on your body's cues. Expand your movement vocabulary with our staff trained in Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Gymnastics and a variety of movement modalities. 
Elite Performance Training
Active Seniors
Body by GymRoots has trained several national and international caliber athletes. The Corrective Exercise system maximizes the body's efficiency, decreases risk of injury, and increases strength, ROM (Range of Motion), & stability by tapping into the brain's plasticity. 
About the Owner 
Keep the brain and body communication clear and strong with our senior fusion classes. Bodies that move better functionally are proven to age better.