BODY by GymRoots is a GymRoots, Inc. Company
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"If a young man has trained his muscles and physical endurance by gymnastics and walking, he will later be fitted for every physical work" ~ Albert Einstein
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BODY by GymRoots teaches that the goal of exercise is as a means to higher level of efficiency; thus, making our daily tasks easier and more pleasant. 
BODY by GymRoots is dedicated to improving health and fitness for people in all stages of life: Pain, Youth, Functional, Fitness Training & Performance Training. We utilize a variety of modalities including: Pilates, Perfect 10 Posture, dance, gymnastics, yoga and martial arts. The modalities are unified with the BioCored System for Corrective Exercise, which promotes a strong mind-body connection and integrates the higher order systems of the brain to achieve lasting results for our clients.